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  Bala is always a highlight of the Catapult season, not only for the racing conditions but also the welcome and hospitality, and the chance for fun racing. This year the first two were again abundant, including the Saturday Hog Roast with a Hawaiian Theme to celebrate a combined 50th birthday (Hawaii 5-0, boom-boom.)

   The wildly-varying conditions meant that only the Pairs Race went off as planned, as the opening race of the event--it twins new, irregular, or improving racers with experienced helms for real-time encouragement and coaching round the course (the rest of the fleet being paired by executive decision.)

   Dermot Mangan, (returning to Catapult sailing and membership after a long gap) technically fitted the definition, and paired with John Peperell (a sailing friend from the earlier Catapult days) recovered from a chapter of accidents hitting John's rig, and took the glittering prizes.
(photo at bottom.)

  Behind them came steady returner to Bala, Stan Tobin, paired with Paul Ellis
(photo below) and new member Rob Baker, taking up Catapult from a windsurfing background, paired with Syd Gage. Gareth Ede again paired with Damien Cooney, with steady improvement (the photographic evidence notwithstanding, photo below)

 The leftovers, Alastair, Nigel and George, swept in first, appropriately only a few yards apart but did not qualify.

good Pairs Race management: Stan (523) and Paul match speeds.) (Photos Bala CC, with much thanks)

                                                              PAIRS RESULTS

1)   Dermot Mangan and John Peperell

              2)  Stan Tobin and Paul Ellis

              3)  Damien Cooney and Gareth Ede

              4)  Rob Baker and Syd Gage

  Below: over-confident Pairs Race management; Gareth (91) is sure that partner Damien (244) is following him closely, and so he heads off to prepare the next mark rounding.) (Photo Bala CC Race Team)

Below: Pairs Race winners Dermot Mangan (right) and John Peperell (left) with CCA Chair Alastair

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